Music for Special Events

Ana de la Cuesta, Flutist

Types of Music Offered
  • Beautiful, lyrical Cuban traditional music -- perfect for weddings and other joyous occasions. A specialist in this genre, Ana provides her own optimal MIDI-generated accompaniment and, if desired, explanations of what she is playing.

  • Sacred or classical music for church services of all types.

  • Internationally well-known music, such as "Dry Leaves", "Yesterday", "Historia del Tango" and "Bachianas Brasileiras".

Past Performances (list available on request)

Samples of Ana's Music (Cuban only)

Biographic Information (resumé with summary of offering / full CV)

  • Solo performances at the UWM Concert of Hispanic and Latin American Music, April 6, 2001; at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside ("Noon recital") with pianist Dana Burnett, April 1998; and at the National Center of Concert Music (4-6 paid recitals per month), Havana, Cuba, 1993.

  • Group performances with the National Symphony Orchestra, Havana, Cuba, 1995-1996; and the Orchestra of the Musical Theater of Havana, 1994.

  • Founding member of, and flutist/vocalist in, the "Juglar" trio of Havana, combining declamation of prose and poems with the vocal and instrumental music of Renaissance minstrels, 1984-1986.

  • Founding member of the "Doña Irene" (female) Orchestra, specializing in danzones (Cuban national dance music), 1979-1981.

  • Master of Music, music history and literature, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Peck School of the Arts, August 2005. Thesis: "The Cuban Son" (a major Cuban musical genre); see abstract.

  • For music teaching experience, see ana_music_teaching.

  • Issued first commercial CD of Cuban traditional music, 'Cuban Heart', with her as performer, orchestrator and audio editor, 2005.

Other Information

Plays with one or more accompanying instruments or provides own recorded accompaniment.
Available on request. For general comments about her performing, see Quotes.

Contact Information

Ana de la Cuesta
Telephone: 414-294-5887
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