Background on Ana de la Cuesta

The 1990s 'Special Period'

With the post-Soviet deterioration of the Cuban economy in the early 1990s, Ana found herself earning a total of just $7/month in three jobs (one full-time and two part-time). Like most Cubans, she had to rely on her resourcefulness, and so she started performing international, popular and Cuban traditional music in the Cuban tourism sector, where she often earned that much in tips in one evening. 

During the entire period from 1981 to 1997, however, she maintained a full-time position teaching flute and music theory (to students ages 14 to 40) at the Fernando Carnicer Vocational School of Music, where she was repeatedly recognized for achieving excellent results. During three of those years, she also served as part-time instructor of music theory (for prospective teachers of music in elementary schools) at the Enrique José Varona Higher Pedagogical Institute.

With some members of Los Ibericos, a Spanish musical group (with whom she played flute 1993-94), 
at El Colmao Club, Central Havana, 1994.

Trio Los Criollitos (Ignacio Rosquete, 
Ana and Enrique Ricardo), 1995

Trio Coherencia, Havana 1996.

 Duo Coherencia, Restaurant Don Cangrejo, Miramar, Havana, 1997.

After a recital (1997) at the Fernando Carnicer Conservatory of Music , where Ana taught flute and theory of music for 17 years. At her left is Doris Sánchez Villegas, piano instructor, who frequently accompanied Ana.

Valentine's Day recital at Ponce Carrasco Gymnasium 
with guitarist Jorge Maleta, February 1993.

Concert at the Presbyterian Church in Central Havana, February 1993.
Accompanist: Juan Espinosa.

Musical Program of the General Assembly of the Ecumenical Council of Cuba
("Ana Lourdes" are the given names of Ana de la Cuesta).


At one of the concerts hosted by Silvio Tarin at the Napoleonic Museum (near the Univ. of Havana). On this occasion (1994), the musicians were celebrating the 92nd birthday of the composer Isolina Carrillo, who attended and played piano for a couple of pieces. Key musicians in the picture (starting from the third person on the left) were Ana, Juan Espinosa (pianist), Isolina Carrillo (composer), and Ana Martin (pianist and composer). The host, Silvio Tarin (guitarist, arranger and composer), is at the far right.

Duo Coherencia, with Barima Gort (guitarist, vocalist and arranger), 
at the Habaneras Festival, Old Havana, November 1997.

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