Background on Ana de la Cuesta

The U.S. Years -- 1998-Present

In early 1998, Ana seized an opportunity to visit the U.S. and then decided to stay. Since then, she has spent much of her time regularizing her status (she is now a U.S. citizen), advancing her education (she completed her Master of Music degree at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, writing a thesis on "The Cuban Son"), and working in various jobs (including as a Teaching Assistant at UWM) to support herself.

Despite this busy schedule, she has managed to continue performing (on a free-lance basis at various venues around southeastern Wisconsin) and teaching flute (privately, including to adults). She has also honed her skills in MIDI instrumentation and, using a Korg Triton workstation (see Performing -- Gamaliel reception) and Sonar (digital audio multitrack) and Finale software, has issued her first commercial CD, a collection of Cuban traditional music with her as both performer and orchestrator.

Teaching ...
With three of her students at their annual recital, June 12, 2005.

... and Nurturing

With students at the Annual Holiday Flute-In, Milwaukee Public Museum, 12-11-05.
With husband, after graduation from the University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee.

'Extra-Curricular' Music

Left:  Singing with the Milwaukee Choristers, where she met her husband (Ana is in the second row at the left). Right: Playing some of her Cuban traditional songs at the Choristers' September Serenade fund-raiser (2005).


Welcoming reception for the Gamaliel Chair recipient, Cafe Qué Pasa, MIlwaukee, 2001.

Showing students and their families how it should be done.


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